These are the current rules for the ##wikia IRC channel on freenode.

The following are rules for ##wikia, the main Wikia Community Channel. Other Wikia channels may have different rules. Channel operators use their best judgement in regards to warning, kicking, or banning users who violate these rules.

  • Obey all freenode policies, as well as observing the below:
  • ##wikia is primarily for Wikia community chat and support. Feel free to ask questions if you need any Wikia-related help.
  • Please keep the language family-friendly in ##wikia - It is a help channel and is intended for all ages and distasteful language might be considered offensive or disruptive.
  • Please do not use offensive nicknames or change your nickname unnecessarily as to cause disruption
  • Also please do not use arbitrary status nicks (e.g. Wikian|Dinner, Wikian|Haircut, Wikian|Bathroom, etc); something generic like Wikian|Away is acceptable but discouraged. Please consider /away messagehere instead.
  • Please do not run automated scripts or bots on the channel without getting them approved first. Unapproved bots will be removed from the channel and the bot banned if the owner does not respect this guidance.
  • Please read the channel topic, displayed as you join the channel. It will list any important updates and helpful links that may be of interest.
  • Do not advertise links to other sites, or advertise in general. Linking to websites is limited to getting help with Wikia sites and general wiki help.
  • Common sense. If saying or doing something will make others upset or angry, then it's best that you avoid such behavior.
  • Please do not shout (speak in all-caps) on the channel. It annoys many users and it does not make your text any more noticeable.
  • If you need to paste 3 or more lines of text into the channel or if you have a really large amount of text to paste, put it on instead and just link to your pastebin in the channel to avoid flooding the channel.

By observing the above rules, you can help make the Wikia Community Channel a better place for everyone!